I got flued out of 2019 and into 2020; not “flewed out,” like Young Miami’s 2019 coined phrase meaning to get an expense-paid trip for miscellaneous shenanigans, but FLUed out. How on Earth did I manage to get the flu FOUR DAYS before the new year? It came pretty suddenly on Saturday, complete with aches and high fever, and today I’m still trying to get through this cough.

Here’s a funny: I drove to the doctor on Monday morning, expecting the office to be empty. This was a reasonable expectation since this medical center is only available to employees where I work. Well, I arrive around 9:40a and ask the receptionist for the first available appointment. Imagine my surprise when she said the first open was 12:20. I just accepted the time and went to sit down in the waiting area.

I figured with my sneezing and coughing, the staff would hear and try to hurry me out of the office. About 10 minutes passed with me sitting in a chair, then I just laid across the lobby floor. In 3 minutes, they were picking me up off of the floor and putting me into a room to see the doctor. I didn’t realize my temperature was back at 103. The doctor prescribed some Tamiflu and sent me on my sick way, back to bed.

On the bright side, It didn’t have to pay anything for the urgent visit and medication since I’d already met my medical insurance deductible and out-of-pocket max for 2019. 2019 was a tough year for me medically, but careful thought of doctor visits kept my actual healthcare budget low. For example, I didn’t have my first doctor visit until after my first month of prescriptions were filled, and those prescriptions are expensive. Those expensive drugs helped me meet my deductible in the second week of 2019. I only paid $20 out of pocket because I used coupons and co-pay cards. . . Yes, there are coupons for medication.

I’m super thankful that I didn’t have to go for overnight visits to the hospital – I wouldn’t have cared if it was two weeks sooner. For this case of flu, I would have been in the hospital during the new year, which means a reset deductible limit.

Have a spectacular new year and stay healthy; Medical care can get expensive!

Here’s something fun to know, I have telecommuting privileges in my role, but I choose to work in the office because there are conveniences such as the printer, gym, campus activities in addition to not having to run my own air-condition. 😀 

Everyday right around 3:00pm I go downstairs to the “Market” to get a cookie. Why 3:00pm? Because that’s when the cookies were half off. ROFL. I would get either an oatmeal cookie or a sugar cookie for $0.42 and devour it before making it back to the elevator, but the sugar would help me finish out the day.

Well, why did the “Market” decide to suspend the discounted cookies after 3:00pm? Maybe the store managers noticed that there was more traffic after 3:00pm, for the cookies, so they wanted to take advantage of the transactions at the regular price. . .

NOT ON MY WATCH! *In my best Iyanla voice*

Cookie time is an integral part of my workday, so much that even my manager sometimes brings me a snack right at cookie time. It just doesn’t feel right paying the normal price for something when I’ve been getting it for half price for so long! So here’s how I save myself a few cents… *BOOM* I started buying the 2-dozen pack of cookies from the Publix bakery. 24 delicious cookies for just $3.99. I sort the cookies into sandwich baggies with 4 cookies each, and that’s enough to last me two weeks. (pro tip: refrigerate the cookies so that they don’t get stale.) With this new method of indulging in cookie time, I save 47% by bringing 4 Publix cookies and not paying full price for the single cookie from “Market.”

*The screaming emoji goes here* LEARNING MOMENT:

I calculated cost savings through a simple calculation; I took the new cost of cookies, subtracted the old cost of cookies, and got a total. I took that total and divided it by the old cost of cookies. . . GREAT! Now, you too know how to calculate percentage cost savings 😀

Take a minute and think about something in your daily routine that you can substitute and leave a comment about it in the section below! I want to hear from you. 😊