A Quick catch up to Q1 2021

Wow! Where has the time gone?! I know you missed me so lets get into the groove.

2020 absolutely SUCKED, we survived. I got pretty close with some new neighbors and gained some new friends, lost some friend and even lost a job since my last post.  

One of the highlights for 2020 included a new home purchase. In February 2020 I purchased a new home and my first home became a rental. That rental income was super nice as it alleviated some anxiety around what would happen with my employment. I purchased a new home and the next month, BOOOMMM, lock down here. . . .lock down there. . . . everywhere a LOCKDOWN! The stock market should’ve been nicked name after the YouTube sensation Scarlett, because it definitely took a tumble. Of course, everything worked out. I savings grew (mostly because I couldn’t bar hop on the weekends) and I had some really cool opportunities to travel to places like Puerto Rico, Miami, and some other really cool spots.  

Fast forward to December, the week before Christmas, I tested positive or Covid. . . I made it all the way to December then got hit with the nasty. Thanks to Jesus for bringing me through. At first it just felt like I was tired, I went home on a Wednesday afternoon, felt super sleepy and laid down. Then I got the chills and I woke up with extreme body aches, then I got . . . .the runs. . . to put it nicely LOL. Never ran a fever, and on day 4 I started coughing . . . I got some mucus relief from a neighbor and that helped dodge the chest congestion that could’ve led to pneumonia or other complications. All of my symptoms were cleared right at day 13.  

But wait! To add to the drama, I got notice that my entire team was on the chopping block and our roles were being moved to an offshore company. Was I shocked? Nope. . . I’d already noticed the unusual requests for additional documentation for processes and lots of eerie messages coming from leadership, regarding significant staffing changes. So, I was prepared, and luckily, we had 3 months to make a move. 

I actually started looking for new roles in September 2019 but things seemed to be moving slow getting an offer, but I’m glad I started early because it gave me much needed interview practice, and that practice helped me receive an offer in the middle of February 2020! I was able to start a new role without having a gap in paychecks! 

So that’s our quick catch up through Q1 2021. More updates coming! 

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