A pressure-cooked Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at my house was flawless and only took a few hours with the help of my electric pressure cooker. I hosted a few folks, and it only cost about $140 for the meal between groceries, serving dishes, and to-go boxes. Keep an eye out for my YouTube video, where I break down the cost of food for a Thanksgiving meal.
I want to be sure to hype up my electric pressure cooker: I used that thing to cook the entire turkey (13lbs), the collard greens, candied yams, and sweet potatoes for the sweet potato pie. I’ve been telling everybody about how the turkey fit in my pot, with ease, and was very tender and moist. It took about an hour 10minutes and was more than enough for the turkey dressing and main meat. I prepared all of the food in the photo. Everything was so good that mom has volun-TOLD me to cook Thanksgiving dinner moving forward.
Let’s count up the savings.
It cost me $100, but I was able to send my guests home with a few to-go boxes, and each box was at least two meals, and let’s say a person usually spends $8 at a fast-food restaurant like Wendy’s. I sent about six boxes away – my guests had the potential of saving $48.
I ate off of leftovers for three days straight, AFTER Thanksgiving, and I usually spend $20/day on food – I saved $60 by eating leftovers. I had so much food that I ended up freezing my favorite dishes (Mac n Cheese and Dressing), and I was able to eat off of those another four meals. . . .I think the time and financial investment paid off.
Atlanta was unseasonably warm for Thanksgiving, so we were able to walk off some of the food at the park and enjoy some sunshine. Afterward, I baked my sweet potato pies and watched Netflix. Overall, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day! I’m excited about hosting again next year.

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